Nowater dyeing machine exhibired at ITMA ASIA + CITME 2018


International Textile Machinery Exhibition and ITMA Asia Exhibition have witnessed the transformation and upgrading of the textile machinery industry in China and the world. The power and value of “scientific and technological innovation” have been fully reflected in it. Make more and more printing and dyeing enterprises go to the world, and communicate and dialogue with colleagues and users in the global industry.

“KINGFULL” is a national high-tech enterprise mainly engaged in R&D and manufacturing of textile printing and dyeing machinery. Based on 20 years of technical accumulation, it has focused on the “waterless low-carbon and low-emission” cleaning and dyeing technology at the highest end of the global printing and dyeing industry. The difficult exploration has invented a new low-cost cleaning and dyeing process system that is completely different from traditional printing and dyeing processes and supercritical carbon dioxide dyeing technology.
In this exhibition, “KINGFULL” exhibited “waterless low-carbon and less-duty dyeing machine”, which has been recognized by the industry colleagues. “Waterless low-carbon and less-duty dyeing machine” will definitely bring profound impact to the global printing and dyeing industry. The change has added a rich and colorful page to "Made in China 2025"!